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A yacht career is an exciting prospect, also very rewarding, a yacht career is one of the few careers that have travel, if you haven't thought of a yacht career as a way to see Europe, or considerd yacht work as a way to travel the world, or just as a seasonal job, then why not try boat work" or as some put it, get a mega yacht job” is a very real proposition,

Getting yacht work used to be quite simple, to work on a yacht you just had to know where and at what time of the year these  luxury mega yachts were going to be and simply walk up to the gangway and ask, although this is still a great way to get that job, this way of getting yacht work is coming to a close very quickly, there are new rules and regulations coming out all the time with regards to new crew, boat work is now seen as a professional career move rather than quick way of earning a few dollars. 

You need to know and you need to learn certain criteria before you start work on a boat, and before most owners/Captains will take you onboard, none of it is difficult to learn or understand, most of it is common sense and is put in place for the safety of the yacht and her crew,

Are you interested? boat work / yacht work, seasonal boat work, do you want to work on a boat? on a mega yacht! Send us an email at info@newcareeratsea.com we can show you the simple steps to give you the fastest route to securing your first job afloat!

YACHT jobs that have travel

The yacht above has a crew of 22, below is a photo of a crewmember taking his work seriously, this is just one of many unusual fun jobs to be found in this wonderful industry.


 Check out the video below of the different Yachts you will be working work  on!

GET A YACHT JOB AND TRAVEL! Think about it! a yacht job is a fantastic way to see the world, get a job on a yacht and get paid for doing it, this is a billionairs playground, they just love to visit all the best places! this clip has been taken from the POWER & MOTORYACHT  magazine


The professional Yachting industry is reaching a crisis point. There are currently 14 miles of new yachts under construction in 25 different countries and a worldwide shortage of crew.


This year, (2007), there are 3,000 positions available for deckhands, bosuns, officers of the watch, chief mates, Captains, engineers, stewardess’s and chefs.


This is an opportunity unlike any other. Crew get to travel the globe on the world’s most expensive yachts, visit the most exotic locations on the planet and enjoy the benefits of expense free living while being paid considerable salaries.


If you are an outward-bound type individual who enjoys meeting people and seeks adventure in your life, then this career could be for YOU.



YACHT CAREER JOBS.There are many names to describe the yachts in this industry, Luxury yachts are the most expensive toy that money can buy that Only the very rich can afford, most of which prefer to stay anonymous,to avoid unwanted publicity, they like to maintain a strict code of privacy.

Others love to show off their newest toys for the whole world to see, it is not unusual to see a helicopter onboard some of these yachts, if you love the water as i do, then your in for a real treat! most yachts carry every water sport activity imaginable, from water skiing hobi cats to scuba diving, not forgetting fishing snorkling wave runners, the list goes on, as a crewmember on a luxury yacht i have become proficient in pretty much every water sport going, and being paid very handsomely too!  

Check out the YACHT GALLERY for photo's of Luxury Yachts!

Quite often there is a recreational program onboard these Luxury yachts, everyone will be involved if they want to be! its not compulsery, if you just want to see some or all of the world or just experience something totally different from the NORM! whatever that means!! then working onboard is a very lucrative way of getting around and in style too, can you imagine sailing into a port somewhere in the Pacific or Caribbean, going ashore and smelling seeing feeling tasting something new for the first time, the thrill of arriving in a new Country/island is an experience you will never forget.

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