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All these pictures have been taken by crew members of crew members all sharing the delight in meeting famous people, having fun at work and seeing different countries at the same time, they all share one thing, a Yacht career.  

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Washing down off the Island of Capri

This yacht has a crew of 40 and is constantly travelling

Taking fuel in Gibraltar

Meeting new people

One of many amazing sunsets

Dayworking aboard a traditional yacht

There are sunsets and then there are SunSets

A yacht Jacuzi deck

Yacht crewmember polishing the anchor pocket

Yacht crew having Fun!!!

Who is that guy with our celebrity Chef Nick Kennedy!

Yacht under construction

Yacht tenders

Oi! where's yer lifejacket?

Show off!

Veiw of a bay in St Barts

Keeping a lookout in Gibraltar

Just another SunSet

And this guy is being paid?!?!?!?!

A night off!!!!!!!!!

What has he got that i havent?

One of many beaches to relax on a day off

St Barts

Celebrity Chef Nick asking for Sugar

Who's that guy with Tom?

Tender driving

Wet weather

How much stainless do i have to clean???

Ready for the evenings action!

Dinner time on board