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A new season

April 19, 2008

 I get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, This is not something I was looking to do, it is just part of my occupation, ever since I was a small boy I wanted to live and work on a boat, I wasn’t sure at the time what kind of boat, I thought it would be a traditional one with sails and lots of pulling on lines and that I would be shouting “LAND AHOY”

How different reality is, my last job was on a 63 Meter 5 star floating hotel, the interior cost more than the boat itself!  How far removed have I become, from the actual romance of the sea and all that sail on her, don’t get me wrong we did over 4000 miles last season, visiting Greece, Italy Turkey, France, it is my role in the workplace that has changed. it has become a huge floating management system now and I am a manager, the only difference between me and anyone else in management is that my company (boat) moves to different locations when the boss gets tired of the scenary, this season i am on a tiny boy racer of a boat, it looks...


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